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If you require a walker and oxygen, then you can experience a new level of freedom with TO2TE® from Comfort Solutions.

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Before TO2TE®

BEFORE Roger Hamilton invented the TO2TE® Oxygen cylinder holder for wheeled walkers.

His Mother, Vera was confined to her room at the nursing home. She was unable to maneuver an oxygen tank and a rolling walker at the same time; she became dependant on staff members to help her to meals and activities. She was no longer independent. Although Mom does not have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) she does have a breathing problem that requires her to use an oxygen concentrator.

After TO2TE®

AFTER Mom started using the TO2TE®, she regained her confidence and she is once again independent. Now, whenever I call she is never in her room. We joke that she needs an answering machine. This simple device meant so much to my Mom. I did my best, “For the Best”.

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What our customers are saying about TO2TE® oxygen cylinder holders:

“Your TO2TE® made for a walker changed my mother's attitude and her life. With it she got her independence back. Regaining her independence has changed her attitude and increased her quality of life.

Her doctor saw the carrier for the first time yesterday and was quite taken with it. So much so that she took down all of the information so that she can recommend it to her patients.

Thanks for making this great product.”

Mike M.
Fall River Mills, California

TO2TE® CS1200 on wheel chair

See the Products page for our New dual purpose oxygen tank holder which fits either a wheelchair or a walker

Check with your medical equipment walker dealer or medical supply walker provider to see if they carry theTO2TE®. If not, contact us at


CS-EH Oxygen Tank Holder


CS-EH Oxygen Tank Holder for Rollators.

Attaches conveniently to the frame of a 3 wheel or 4 wheel rollator.
* Provides secure handling of a single D or E cylinder where a
mobile oxygen unit is required.
* Constructed of steel with a powder coated finish in black.
* Fits most rollators.

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TO2TE®Oxygen Cylinder Holder
Means increased mobility and freedom for seniors with O2 needs!!
Customer Service 315-472-8077

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