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Navigate the website and find products and information to create freedom and independence for patients with respiratory problems or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease who require the use of oxygen and a wheeled walker.
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Home - Begin here to learn about the TO2TE® website and Comfort Solutions LLC. We are the makers of TO2TE® oxygen cylinder holders for patients who use both oxygen and a wheeled walker. We also carry Easy Glider walker tips for increased mobility.

Products - Learn about TO2TE® oxygen cylinder holders for "B", "C", "D" and "E" oxygen cylinders and how this new home health care equipment can benefit you or your loved one in daily living.

Ordering - Order TO2TE® oxygen cylinder holders and Easy Glider walker tips. Online ordering is available, or you may contact us for ordering information. Shipping is fast and you or your loved one will be on your way to increased mobility and freedom in no time!

About Us - Our founder, and inventor of the TO2TE®, knows a great deal about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). His desire to help a loved one live a more independent life inspired the invention of this product.

Brochure - Download our color brochure in convenient .pdf format

FAQ's - Check out some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about TO2TE® oxygen cylinder holders.

Contact Us - Find information on how to contact us at Comfort Solutions LLC. We love to get feedback from our visitors and will be glad to hear from you.


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